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WebSites for Chess Improvement & Learning One of the better sites for learn to improve chess
is Exeter Chess Club: Chess Coaching Pages.
Divided into: General; Tactics; Strategy; Opening; Endings
Quote from Opening:
There are four basic choices to be made before sitting down at a chessboard.
* You must decide whether to open as White with 1. e4, with 1.d4 or with a Reti/English system - 1.Nf3/1.c4
* You must decide how to respond to 1. e4 as Black
* You must decide how to respond to 1. d4 as Black
* You must decide how to respond to the Reti/English system as Black.
What you choose may depend on whether you like to attack or to play more solidly, and whether you prefer to play open or more closed positions.

We can ALL contribute with Links here
to GOOD websites with Chess Teaching
for chess play improvement.
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links page, go to the educational part.
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Chessopolis At you find links to nearly all you are looking for.