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sough ♡ 246 ( +1 | -1 )
Wild game and analysis Hello everyone, I had a wild game last night, and I actually typed this all out yesterday but somehow it didn't post so my memory is a little worse but not too bad. It was one of my most exciting and enjoyable chess games I've ever played. I made some blunders and so did my opponent but there was a good share of creativity as well. I'm white, there was some time pressure,especially at the end. I hope you enjoy it and any analysis would be very appreciated. Oh a disclaimer,I'm not a seasoned annotator so I'll probably misplace some ! and?s but so bear with me.

Fusoya (1771) - XNazareno (1527) [C50]
Rated game, 25m + 5s Main Playing Hall, 18.07.2006
[McDur,henry] (Btw that's not my real name I just thought it was funny lol)

1.e2-e4 e7-e5 2.Ng1-f3 Nb8-c6 3.Bf1-c4 Nc6-d4 4.Nf3xd4 e5xd4 5.c2-c3 Qd8-f6 6.0-0 Bf8-c5 7.b2-b4 Bc5-b6 8.a2-a4 a7-a6 9.Bc1-b2 d4xc3 10.Nb1xc3 Ng8-h6 11.e4-e5(I missed a5 here. Deflects the bishop from guarding c7,then Nd5,if Qd6 Bxg7) Qf6-h4 12.a4-a5(Too late, the bishop won't be retreating) Bb6xf2+ (I thought ng4 would be better but I'm not sure)13.Rf1xf2 Qh4xc4 14.d2-d4 0-0 15.Ra1-c1 Qc4xb4 16.Qd1-h5(I thought Nd5 would be easily answered by Qxa5 but that queen has less mobility than I thought,there's no full queen trap but its better than my move. Rybka 1.0 gives one line for 16.Nd5 Qxa5 17.Rc5 b5 18.Bc3 Qa4 19.Rxc7 b4 20.Qxb4 at 1.51) c7-c6 17.Nc3-e4( The computer likes my position but I was pretty pessimistic and wanted to start something on the kingside and fast.Perhaps a sacrifice on f6) Qb4-e7(black may see a vulnerability there as well) 18.Rf2-f6!?(Rybka likes Nf6+ or Nd6) d7-d5 19.Rf6xh6! g7xh6 20.Ne4-f6+ Kg8-h8(I thought Kg7 was the only hope and that the game was now mine) 21.Qh5xh6 Bc8-f5(oh no I missed this! what now what now I think as the time is clicking. I thought of Ba3 but after QxB I didn't see the resource of Nh5 yet) 22.Rc1-c3 Qe7-b4 23.Nf6-h5(again I think I have him but I forget my dpawn is hanging) Qb4xd4+ 24.Rc3-e3 Qd4-d1+ 25.Kg1-f2 Qd1-d2+ 26.Kf2-f1?( Time trouble is a big factor but I need to calculate deep as I can here. I successfully see that Kf3 and Kg3 lose, but Kg1 is the only hope for draw as Kf1 allows Bd3+!)Qd2-d1+?(But black enjoys a good blunder too and the game is still on!) 27.Re3-e1 Bf5-d3+ 28.Kf1-f2 Qd1-g4(Time is under a minute now if I recall and I didn't see Qg4 but I gather myself as best I can) 29.e5-e6+ f7-f6 30.Bb2xf6+ Rf8xf6+ 31.Qh6xf6+ Kh8-g8 32.Qf6-f7+ Kg8-h8(About 30 seconds on my clock now and I have a draw if I want it, I quickly scan my king which is less open than I previously had thought and its too good a game to not finish so I plunge on!) 33.e6-e7 Qg4-d4+(Qh4+ and g3 is a mate in 11 but I'm sure not gonna see that and giving a free check on h2 was too risky. I would have played Ng3 which is still winning)34.Kf2-g3 Tiempo ' 1-0 Here black runs out of time but let a good 25 seconds click off so he may have seen the end too. The checks have run dry except for Rg8+ but that's met by QxR+ KxQ e8Q mate.Hope ya liked it and any comments (goor Or bad) are welcome.

tag1153 ♡ 29 ( +1 | -1 )
hey sough...... ....are you aware of the 'Annotade Games' feature? It was added to GK recently. It would be far easier for the masses to visualize your game if you used it. You can find a link at the bottom of your 'My Games' page.

Best regards,
ionadowman ♡ 27 ( +1 | -1 )
Great game, sough... ...OK not perfect, but that's what makes it such a dramatic fighting game. Chances are created by mistakes, not by perfect play. But your opponent didn't lie down and die, neither, and it is the contribution of both of you that provided such an entertaining game. Tremendous!
sough ♡ 5 ( +1 | -1 )
Thank you Tag I will remember that in the future.