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Paralela 64 - issue 2 Hi friends,

Issue 2 of my CC electronic magazine "Paralela 64" is available for download at
"Paralela 64" is a ChessBase magazine wrote in Romanian, which includes some articles and games in English or other languages.

There are few technical problems (some internal links in CB file don't work) which I will try to solve tonight or tomorrow. So, if you wish, you may wait 24 hours to download a better version of my magazine. That version will also include Eugen's report from Paul Diaconescu Memorial - section C, which I received with a certain delay.

Here is the content of the issue 2:

<B>Romanian CC Game of the Year 2003</B>
The results of this interesting contest whose jury included several TCCMBers ;-)

<B>Octavian Moise, Miron Sferle and Stefan Lakatos - IM norns</B>
The profilesof these Romanian players who recently achieved IM norms

<B>Special contributions</B>
Two games annotated by Wolfram Schoen and Heinrich Lohmann. Wolfram's game was also published in his web pages, but it was a great pleasure for me to translate such a beautiful game with exceptional annotations.

<B>First USCF Absolute Championship</B>
This material is signed by Neil Brennen (also know as Nelu Brenel, hehehe) and offers details (in English and Romanian) about this classic American CC tournament. There are 5 games from the 1st USCF Absolute Ch annotated by me in both Romanian and (my bad) English, two of them being wins of the TCCMBer Eric Pedersen. ;-)

<B>Paul Diaconescu Memorial</B>
There are 5 materials about the sections of this international event organised by Romanian CC Commission, including the reports of the TDs Ralph Marconi and Pedro Hegoburu. As I said, Eugen's report will be added in the second version of this magazine.

<B>Coppa Latina VI</B>
A material about this important team event, signed by Miron Sferle, Romanian TC. You may see an interesting theoretical improvement of Robert Serradimigni in a fashionable line of Sveshnikov.

<B>Friendly matches</B>
Latest news from the friendly matches by email of Romania against Portugal, England, Japan and Scotland

<B>Games of Romanian players</B>
It includes games submitted by Romanian players Daniel Cinca and Alin Chirea.

<B>Romanian players at GameKnot server</B>
A material about the activity of the Romanian players at gameKnot servers, including 3 profiles of our best rated GK players and games played at GK.

<B>GameKnot Romania Open</B>
A short material about the first Romanian tournament on server.

I hope you will enjoy my magazine, even though it is mostly wrote in Romanian :-)

Please feel free to contribute with games or articles to my magazine. CC materials in Romanian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German are accepted. Next issue will be published in September.

Best wishes,
Marius Ceteras